always be your mythical best

don't write profanity. just color a mythical beast.

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the guy with the razor is in fact link. i know he doesn’t look like the link you’re used to, but it’s him.

Filed under rhett and link gif unibrow song also pretty sure that baldish man in the top right gif is rhett's dad also staring link's goatee and forehead it's a weird look a very un-linky look there's two kinds of things: linky things and un-linky things those are un-linky things even when they are on link don't judge a man by what he looked like before he turned 30 it's never good

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the great american road trip was basically snacktime and i like that.

Filed under rhett and link gif great american road trip there's some voiceover here but it takes up like half the space in the gif and what's the point of that y'all listening to 'it's my bellybutton' yet i can't stop laughing and i find it difficult to breathe i don't know how i'm going to cope with all of the /fashions/ in this video when it comes out because the album art and the picture they put up on facebook i just don't know what i'm going to do

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rhett was not wearing that wig at the time of the incident.

Filed under rhett and link gif livekasts i don't know what was up with this episode but the white balance is skewed way over to yellow and i kind of like it it's was the halloweenkast in 2008 back when link had the long hair which i didn't notice at the time as being particularly long you never notice hair growing i guess you only notice when it gets chopped also psa don't misgender people and avoid using terms like 'sir or ma'am' because it's really unnecessary and you totally don't need to 'how can i help you?' would have been polite enough without going for a gendered term

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i’m not an athlete so i have no room to talk.

Filed under rhett and link gif great american road trip that text is from the video i have nothing that mean to say about rhett and link they can say it about themselves though i admit i do sass a little in my source link text and in the tags maybe i shouldn't do that but i like to think it makes me look less like an obsessive weirdo and more like a well-adjusted human being who just happens to run a fan blog but really who am i kidding got a new main channel video coming out monday so that's exciting thinking is making me cry you know how i do screaming crying mythical beast you know this by now

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the shahbaz displaying his mighty wingspan and cold wrists.

Filed under rhett and link gif livekasts if rhett were a cop he would be the long arm of the law also really frightening getting pulled over and a giant comes lumbering out of a cop car at you it's dark and you can't tell whether his terrifying figure is even human you just know that you're scared basically rhett as a cop on a dark night is a creepypasta that writes itself man it took them a LONG TIME to realise taking phonecalls was a bad idea come on guys i know you have a lot of faith in people but maybe that was too much

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i still have retained baby teeth with no grownup teeth in sight. what’s up with that?

Filed under rhett and link gif spot the differences thank goodness this had no text i cannot count on myself to review text right now i am super super tired and my teeth hurt and my back hurts which probably means i have a sinus infection that's why i have thing of anbesol in my room and i live on advil and fanta (the advil is mostly for the chronic migraine tho) what am i even talking about i can't even tell if my eyes are open and this is reality

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when you lose as frequently as link does, you learn to do so with grace and dignity.

Filed under rhett and link gif good mythical morning i have no idea how these aren'ts covered with flickering RHETT WINS text because they are in the actual video! when i had my program pull the frames it just miraculously didn't pick any that had tecxt or text you know how it would be if i could type you don't even know man get me on google chat sometime and you will see the depths of my typing misery also we can't pretend link doesn't lose like most games he is not frequently the winner but when he does win he's so genuinely happy oh god is that my car alarm my dad hit my car with a snowblower over the winter and now sometimes it just honks all on its own with no provocation okay no it was a neighbor's wow glad that's sorted