always be your mythical best

don't write profanity. just color a mythical beast.

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shannonwong121 asked: I love your gifs of Rhett & Link! How do you make them?

all of my gifs are handcrafted from the finest materials. first, wood is imported from the black forest in germany. a rough shape is cut, and then artisans spend hours carving, shaping, and sanding each piece to perfection. a gear mechanism is placed inside that drives both the clock and the little wooden bird that pops out every hour. each part is then hand-painted or varnished to produce a finished heirloom-quality piece.

actually, i use a combination of programs to make my gifs. the key program i use, though, is jasc animation shop 3, which is from 2001. it’s completely unavailable these days, as it was a component in the long¬†discontinued jasc paint shop pro—the “mr. pibb” to photoshop’s “dr. pepper”. i had the 10th anniversary edition. it cost 95 bucks in 2001. this is where i resize, edit frames, edit frame rate, and add text. i have no idea how it even runs on my computer, which runs windows 7. if i didn’t own the cd-rom itself, i’d have no way of getting it on to a modern machine.

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i didn’t know this song before this episode. i know it now.

Filed under rhett and link gif link tag good mythical morning rhett looked like he was in pain so i cropped him out maybe it's rude to crop out someone just because they look like they're suffering but i think honestly it's better to just keep it to the part where link is doing whatever it is he does and not draw attention to rhett's pained expression and sudden drop in energy because exploiting his pain would be even worse

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i like a vacation that goes so badly previous memories and experiences are affected.

Filed under rhett and link gif i'm on vacation vacay gone cray cray i look up the difference between effect and affect like three times a month and i still can't ever remember or really decode what the article about the rule is actually trying to tell me effect is a noun and affect is a verb until effect is also a verb i hate you language i hate you effect i hate you affect i hate you densely written intentionally exclusionary academic 'help' sites