always be your mythical best

don't write profanity. just color a mythical beast.

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that’s it. that’s old people.

Filed under rhett and link gif men who can't pee eventually every line of this is going to be giffed on my blog because every single line is absolute gold and i love it and so you're going to have to deal. also about the old people thing how many old people have you heard say something along the lines of 'at my age i can speak my mind.' 'at my age i don't have to be polite/appropriate/nice' when they invariably call you fat or tell you that you look like a 'trollop' whatever that even is or is this just a my grandma thing she can't shut up about how fat i am and then she's like do want ice cream and i'm like do you not understand the words coming out of your own mouth grandma

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there are no good deal or no deal jokes left to be made. red button. banker. deal. blah.

Filed under rhett and link gif tshirt war you can see the old livekast setup in the corner the basis for all the corners they've shot into since then it's nice to shoot into a corner because it creates a good dividing line in the set without having to like make a weird dividing line and also you get that space behind you for storage or antics i remember the early viral spread of this video and seeing it pop up on blogs with people going WHO ARE THESE GUYS OMG THESE TWO WEIRD GUYS DID A THING and i'm like I KNOW THOSE GUYS I KNOW THE CONTEXT OF THIS IN THEIR LARGER BODY OF WORK like when people only know chuck testa i'm like nah son there's so much more

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i had previously never thought of puke-filled balloon animals, but now i have. thanks, gmm!

Filed under rhett and link gif good mythicl morning you think i'm joking but i'm sincere i am so glad i now have this to think about imagine a balloon dog oh my god this opens up a whole world of imagination to me. i'm now thinking of usuing sausage to replicate balloon animals balloon dog made of sausage like you could cook that and serve it at a party and everyone would leave and you'd get to be alone again which is what you wanted all along.

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once you get past like, chocolate and gravy in the list of “all brown things,” you run into problems pretty quickly.

Filed under rhett and link gif good mythical morning on the list of 'all brown things' you run into 'coffee table' which i can promise you doesn't taste good from the fact that i used to chew on the coffee table in my living room and it's still got teeth marks all over it you also encounter 'live bear' and 'actual crap' pretty quickly so be careful

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how did i just notice TODAY in OCTOBER OF 2014 that their sign says “firewrks”

edit: it’s september.

Filed under rhett and link gif in my defense i can barely read in other news i think i'm finally an adult because i have been using my hot glue gun a lot lately and i'm pretty pleased with the outcome like i'm making some pretty decent crafts and i haven't burnt my hand too badly THEN AGAIN i did cut my mouth open on a little cup of apple sauce like a total loser i take it back i'm not an adult i'm a pathetic infant with a bleeding tongue