always be your mythical best

don't write profanity. just color a mythical beast.

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and, as we learned last week, you can clean everything in the bathroom with the toilet brush.

Filed under rhett and link gif good mythical morning i think about their creepy toilet more than i probably should i have wondered about it and i watch the tour of the studio over and i think 'they have to have that cleaned up and running by now. surely.' and apparently no they don't not yet but we'll see today. we'll see that creepy toilet get creepy cleaned today it's the one in the creepy small bathroom they used in the 'most complicated board game' short you know that cartoon gag where you open a closet and everything falls out it's going to be like that only with spiders and moths link's going to open that door and ten billion actual spiders will fall out elyse says it's probably more like 65000 spiders i actually had her run some numbers assuming the room is 4x4x10 about 65000 spiders the size of a black widow could be in there in theory. my sister is a scientist with a masters degree in geology and basically also a math wiz

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i would rather clean up actual crap than get yelled at, that’s for sure.

Filed under rhett and link gif good mythical morning good mythical more dealing with neither would be preferable but i have a pretty strong stomach and can clean up really horrendous stuff no problem getting yelled at will ruin me for a while when i worked at the recycling center i had a guy call up and threaten to kill me with broken glass that our recycling guys allegedly left in his yard he called back an hour later to apologize probably when he realised that i could very easily send the cops to his house