always be your mythical best

don't write profanity. just color a mythical beast.

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upon closer inspection, it doesn’t just look like “c worms cnus.” it looks like “c wormy anus.” which is 800 times worse.

Filed under rhett and link gif good mythical morning i was reminded of this because i saw a really big worm on the internet the other day like a really big worm like the world's biggest most huge worm ever on record found in mexico i think and i recall my thought about it was 'gross it probably has an anus as big as an onion ring.' and then i turned my brain over to the government for the crime my thoughts had just committed

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that’s why he stopped updating. printer ink is more expensive per mL than human blood.

Filed under rhett and link gif sourcefed BTS info from a 2009 graph by it's something that stood out to me a lot when i saw it the first time remembering having spent like 40 bucks on printer ink my first semester at college i barely print ANYTHING these days because my father was right printer ink really is too expensive and you can't just print things out all higgledy piggledy the graph is titled 'relative prices of different liquids' if you want to look it up

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as nice as herb 2 is, i feel like i wouldn’t be cool with him sliding down a novelty tuxedo shirt into my face, either.

Filed under rhett and link gif good mythical morning good mythical more name every pet herb the less desirable the animal the better my father is the least desirable animal any time a joke can be made about the name 'herb' i'm all about that oh for those of you who haven't been following since the whole spider thing my father's name is herb and naming pets that scare link the same name as my father is the funniest and best thing