always be your mythical best

don't write profanity. just color a mythical beast.

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cartoons have made me overly cautious about tree branches snapping.

Filed under rhett and link gif this is the end to 'photoshop your memories' btw i know it's impossible to tell on account of it having nothing to do with the actual song or video but i'm a sucker for the weird little actions they do in the background while the other talks to the camera also that road looks pretty busy also just a question for y'all out there you ever hold onto beauty products you've never used and have no intent of ever using just because they were a gift and you KNOW they were expensive i have this pile of burts bees stuff and i will NEVER use it and it all smells HORRIBle but i KNOW it was expensive and so i can't bring myself to chuck it OH GOD WHAT DOES THIS EVEN SMELL LIKE PINE HELL IT SMELLS LIKE PINE HELL WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS

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if you think it’ll help you find him, go ahead.

Filed under rhett and link gif good mythical morning one of my bettas is clamping his fins and it's worrying me this is totally unrelated to anything in this post other than like seeing someone/something you love upset and wanting to fix it but i can't just storm after a guy because there's no guy no guy upset my fish my fish is just stressing because i moved his tank from the desk to the shelf he has aways been on like full display swimming freely and happily and showing off his pretty little fins but now he's just so sad looking gonna put his tank back where it was and see if he perks up

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it couldn’t have been that bad. we’d see it on his face if it were.

Filed under rhett and link gif good mythical morning i had a queue today but i'm just shifting it over to tomorrow on account of today's episode being so important to post about i think we should all just consider this a 'science show' now because of how link described it to kevin and also because they're somehow in the science and education section of the streamys good mythical morning: internet science show